Irix Pro XDR
A step change in graphic processing, Irix Pro provides full feature Image Processing software with support for most popular RAW image formats and compressed formats.
Metal, CoreML, GCD, OpenCL, 64-bit

Irix Pro XDR is an incredible medium to express creativity. Extend the fourth dimension… infuse life in your photos with Extended Dynamic Range (XDR) and enjoy your art work on the retina display.

Utilizing the latest developments in imaging and editing technology, Irix Pro XDR uses the proven Spitfyre© Graphics and MyND© AI engines to drive full suite of XDR, HDR, HDR10, HDR10+ color spaces up to 16 bit/channel.

Supported with big data anlaysis, Irix Pro XDR bridges advanced technology and your editing needs with a clutter-free, cognitive and dashboard style user interface.

• Sky Replacement (SkyXpress)
Be your own weatherman, insert skies and weather systems of your choice, be it from our library or the one you shot. SkyXpress lets you merge, combine and integrate the image for a native look. Smart Edge Detect lets you define boundaries with surgical precision.

• AI Auto Enhance
Trained on 12+ million images, MyND© AI runs predictive analysis and computes the effects that suit the image best. Edits being Non Destructive, get a head-start with AI Auto Enhance and fine tune to your personalized finish.

• Look Up Tables - LUTs
Import industry standard LUTs in .CUBE, .VF, .3DL file formats.
Make your own LUTs as .CUBE file and use on popular photo and video editors.

• Depth Editing
Edit in the Z-dimension, dive deeper and apply local & global adjustments to any depth layer or insert an overlay and create a magical effect.

• 64-bit Image Processing & GPU Optimizer
Process entire range of 8 to 64 bit images maintaining full fidelity all through the edit workflow. Spitfyre© diverts graphics centric workload to the GPU. With an order of magnitude increment in processing capability against the CPU, Irix offers exceptional performance at 64-bit floating point precision.

• Pro Color Grading
Color grade images with highlights and shadows toning with support for balancing. Using local adjustments, color grade in selected regions of the image.

• Overlays
Import overlays of your choice or use the built-in ones and introduce amazing effects like Artificial light, God rays, Reflections in water, Halo effect, Ripples in water…. endless possibilities with multiple burn tools in the context toolbar.

• Quicksets
One-touch, highly curated, social media optimized 200+ presets for an instant full gamut adjustment. Use Quicksets as a head start and fine tune further.

• Text, Emojis & Watermark
Insert and stylize Text and Emojis. Copyright images or insert an indelible watermark with your signature.

• Selective Adjustments
Select an area and make local edits with masks and brush. Dissect the anatomy of the image with luminance and depth masks and create fascinating effects. Import and apply overlays in the selected area.

• Panorama and 360°
Edit, view and export panorama and 360° images seamlessly. Powerful Spitfyre© and MyND© AI engines handle complex data files and deliver sub-pixel accuracy.

• IRX Catalog- Collaborate
Share your image catalogs with colleagues to preview your work in any web browser. Or simply handover the catalog with all the edit layers and editing can be resumed from where you left.

• Apple Technologies
Built for macOS, Irix Pro AI integrates CoreML and Metal rendering engine. Support for Apple Photos and iCloud adds to the Apple ecosystem so you can incorporate Irix Pro AI in your routine workflow.

And, few more features in your arsenal;
- RAW image support
- Perspective & Affine corrections
- Masks & brushes - Radial, Gradient, Brush, Luminance, Depth, Color
- Mesh warping
- AI tools: Clarity, Dehaze, Denoise, Sharpening
- Multiple Blur and Pixelate patterns
- Lens & chromatic correction
- Vignette and Grain tools
- Unlimited layers and history
- Matte & gloss soft proofing with multi-color paper simulation
- Dynamic histogram in RGB and CMYK
- Batch processing
- Drag-drop to import images