FireFly - Peace & Calm
A meditation app for reducing stress and calming the mind.
Metal, CoreML, Swift

Firefly - Peace & Calm is #1 app for lowering anxiety, stress and disquiet. Built with big data research on 'happiness', the app works on the principle of diversion of mind, away from the past and future.

The gamified avatar of Firefly - Peace & Calm connects subconscious joy of no nonsense, light duty engagement with feedback to the brain.

The root cause of anxiety is a 'wandering mind'. Firefly - Peace & Calm engages the mind and you gradually step into a world unto you and the game, and no-one in between!

Just so the rhythm of your body and mind synchronizes, the game is simple and engaging... not requiring special skills or thinking, analysis, tact etc.

Just encircle the friendly blue fireflies and avoid the red fireflies. Play the game for few days to get the hang of it and experience the renewed peace and calm.

1) Technology - Big Data based research on 'HAPPINESS'
2) Technique - Divert mind from past & future
3) Process - Only one choice of game play, by design
4) ZERO Complexity - Simple and stupid, on purpose.
5) Awards - We win if you win